Bob's had a dog's life. A sweet and active two-year-old, male shepherd mix, he didn't deserve the
suffering he's endured. Bob's owner put a hair scrunchie around his neck and left it there for months, wearing a two-inch gap around his neck. He was tied up out in front of on a main street in Coos Bay, so many people walked by and saw this, but didn't report it.

Finally a relative of the owner called the Coos Bay Police. "Why didn't someone call us sooner?" lamented Sonya Carter at Coos County Animal Shelter. "These animals don't have a voice. They need us to be their voice."

9/27/02 update: Jessica writes: He was neutered last Thursday and has had constant problems since. he licked it all weekend (couldn't have the cone collar because of his neck) making it raw and slightly infected and making it bleed. by Monday he had pulled out one of his stitches and loosened another.Dr. Wendy put in some staples to hold it. On top of that he quit eating, and had diarrhea again. We think that's a coping mechanism(not eating). With his not eating he has lost most of the weight he had its hard to say with him. His new family will have to go through a three week get to know you before he can go live with them. I am afraid that he will quit eating again if he was just to go one day.

10/11 update: Bob is doing great. His stitches are out and he's ready to be adopted. He'll be at our adoption event at the Mall on the 12th.

10/13 update: Bob didn't get adopted at our Mall Adoption Event, but he had a great time getting lots of attention

11/10 update: Bob didn't get adopted at our November Adoption event, either, in spite of his appearances on both radio and tv. Lots of people stopped to see him at the mall saying, "Oh, is this the dog we saw on tv?" But no one wanted to take him home.

Bob is currently being fostered by All 4 Animals volunteer, Jessica Zyta until his wound heals and he gains some weight. "Despite all that Bob has been through he is a wonderful loving dog," says Jessica. "He is willing to learn and offers all he has to anyone willing to love and play with him back. He is eating well and his energy level is high. He loves to run as fast as he can around and around the yard, tongue hanging out happily."

But Bob's vet bills have been high. Friends of Animals With Needs (FAWN) has contributed $50 towards them, but more is needed. Donations can be sent to All 4 Animals, PO Box 416, Coquille 97423. Or they can be made directly to his vet: Ocean Blvd Vet Hospital.

11/24 update: Jess and Paul write: I am happy to say that Bob has been adopted locally. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Wilson are the proud and happy parents.He will be going to live with them later today. They have a big back yard that is fenced, lots of time to devote to training and loving him. In addition to bob they also have two dogs so bob has someone to play with as well. He seemed to really like and respond well to them. We are going over to there house to drop him off and will take pictures of them and the yard so we can post them on the site. There are a lot of people who are interested in how he is doing.

11/26 update: Saundra & Frank, Bob's new owners, write: Just wanted to let you know that Bob has not refused 1 meal!!! He eats everything we give him and really seem to enjoy it all. We have taken some photo's of him and his new family. (to be posted here soon) Everyone that has met him, falls in Love with him right away.

And Paul and Jessica write: Bob is a VERY loveable dog. it is hard not to fall in love with him. we are missing him. Seems odd not to have him here, thumping his tail on his kennel or galoping around the yard with his tongue hanging out. But we are very happy he is happy and has made the transition smoothly.

12/30/02 update: Jess told us a touching story at the 12/28 Adoption Event. She found herself in the neighborhood of Bob's new owners and decided to pay them a visit. When Frank opened the door he seemed to be a little strange and said, at first, "This is not a good time." But, when Jessica stammered an apology, he changed his mind and invited her in.

After some awkward moments of conversation, it came out that Saundra Wilson had just died, in fact, only a few hours earlier. But Frank seemed to want the chance to tell Jessica what a comfort Bob had been to her in her last weeks. When allowed in to her room, he would come to the bed and gently put his muzzle into her cupped hand. And he was the first dog to notice her absence. He went into her room and,when he found her not there, sought out Frank, and gently laid his muzzle on his lap.

Bob seems to have found the family he's always deserved.

Bob and Frank
May 2004: I am Franklin D Wilson Sr owner of Bob. I am writing to let you good folks know that Bob is doing well and has had no problems since he has come to live with me.

Bob now has a big family to chase and play with. There is Annie, our Sheppard-Husky, Jade the mid-size cockapoo and Oscar blk-tan mini-doxi. and lets not forget his feline brother and sisters.....KoJo his Brother, KayCee his older sister and Cali his youngest sister.

Bob will take a chewy bone treat out of my mouth.  He is so gentle that anyone can do it with him. Bob gets treat

Bob eats like a horse and just loves to think he is a lap dog like his brother Oscar. If you are petting one of the other kids Bob runs over and sticks his head under your hand or arm to get you to pet him and leave the other pet alone. It is so funny watching all the kids try to get you to pet them all at once.....
Thank You for your GREAT work
Proud Owner of BOB
Franklin D Wilson Sr