Cleopatra and kittens
March 2, 2003

February 23

February 15

Mom (Cleo) got sick this week. Fortunately, it seems to have been just a brief virus, but it did require vet bills we hadn't planned on. Good news is that they tested negative for FeLV/FIV, and the two girls already have a good home waiting for them.

February 8

Kittens are starting to come out of their nest on their own, to explore. And to look for Mom while she's eating. Notice Mom is a bobtail.

Fertile female cats are called "queens" so I like to name the nursing moms I'm fostering after queens, and then to name the kittens along the same theme. So, Mom is "Cleopatra", the male Siamese mix kitten is "Tut", the female Siamese is " Nefertiti," and the tabby and white female is "Bast" the Egyptian Cat Goddess. Let's hope she doesn't get too conceited.

February 1

January 27

Mom still prefers to nest in the carrier she was transported in. Put a heating pad under there, though. Kittens starting to open their eyes.


January 24, at the shelter

They're in foster care now, with their Mom, and will be available about March 14. Stay tuned to this page to watch them grow up.