How to Find Homes

The best way for your pet (or the one you've found) to get a home is for you to find it for them. It's healthier, less stressful and more certain than anything else.

We'll be happy to put info on our "Available for adoption" page. Email info and, if possible, a jpeg picture. We'll keep the info posted for two weeks, unless you renew. No breeders, please.

Some other resources:

Best Friends has a wonderful pdf booklet on line you can download.

Koos News runs free ads, acceptable by email at

South Coast shopper also runs up to 3 private party ads, 10 words each for free, submit by their web page or send email to

The World has "Econo-ads" for free, as well as being able to run longer ads.

In addition to ads, flyers are a wonderful way to advertise your pet. Include a picture and lots of details, and put flyers up at your work, around your neighborhood, and any place else you can think of.

Please do not offer animals "free to a good home." This will attract "bunchers" who take these animals and resell them to research labs. Keep in mind that people who aren't willing to pay even a small fee for an animal probably won't be willing to pay vet bills when it gets sick or have it neutered. Ask for a small donation, $20 is reasonable. If you don't feel right about accepting the money, donate it to your favorite charity.