Kitten Rescues

When I first started rescuing kittens, I took a lot of photos.  Nowadays, I'm not taking nearly as many.  Here are a few.  This tiny little black and white one was found abandoned and I bottle raised her.  I tried to introduce him to Sirikit (the Siamese mix) who had recently had her own kittens then been spayed, and she washed her sometimes. 

But kittens are best off if they have a mother to nurse them and sibilings to grow up with, and I've had great success with getting nursing mothers to adopt orphans.  I went to the shelter and found several mothers with kittens.  The shelter had, in fact, put a number of orphaned kittens in with the mothers.  I had an awful time, as usual, not taking them all.  I also ignored the well-meaning shelter staff who told me not to take home the sick ones.

The frustrating thing was that I took home Snow White, her kitten (Snow Drop) plus other kittens that were in with her and were nursing on her, plus a few other orphans, but, once I got her home in my "Kitten Room" and she could get away from the orphans, she wouldn't let any but her own kitten nurse on her.  So, instead of getting her to take on the one orphan so I wouldn't have to bottle-feed, I had a whole new crop of little ones to hand-raise!

Well, sometimes the others snuck in and nursed
But at least they all had siblings to grow up with

And here are the most recent ones, April 2004, when a friend came other to even get me in the picture.

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