Words of Wisdom

Be careful when donating to charities.  All non-profit corporations must make their records open to the public and you have the right to ask to see where your money is going before you donate.

All 4 Animals, Inc is a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation registered in Oregon and your donations are fully tax deductible as allowed by law.  Proof of status and financial records are available upon request.

You can check the IRS website to confirm a charity's status.

You can also go to the Oregon Dept. of Justice website under "Charitable Activities" to see if a charity is registered with them and get some information about them.  (You can also look under "Oregon Revised Statues" and "Oregon Administrative Rules" to find laws relating to animal abuse and neglect.)

Many charities, but not all, can be found in www.guidestar.org and www.justgive.org.  They both refer to the same database, but each shows the info a little differently.

See this article from December 2003 Animal People Online, to find out about the salaries of the top executives of the major animal welfare charities.

$1000 isn't enough to cover one day's salary of the top executives of many non-profit corporations, including the ASPA, Nature Conservancy, North Shore Animal Legue, Humane Society of the US, National Audobon Society, World Wildlife Fund, and Maddie's Fund.  All 4 Animals, through the Neutermobile, could offer 30 free spay/neuters for $1000!

Individual, Position & Group  Pay $/day
STEVEN SANDERSON CEO WldlfConsSoc $507,408 $1,952
LARRY HAWK President ASPCA $421,970 $1,623
STEPHEN McCORMICK Pres NatureCons $399,233 $1,536
JOHN STEVENSON Pres NorthShore $347,091 $1,335
MALE CEO, $50+ million org GdStr $319,067 $1,227
PAUL IRWIN President HSUS $315,898 $1,215
JOHN FLICKER Pres NatlAudubon $311,247 $1,197
CEO, $50+ million org GuideStar $305,854 $1,176
GUS THORNTON President Mass SPCA $308,045 $1,185
KATHRYN FULLER President WWF $297,991 $1,146
PETER SELIGMAN Pres Conserv Intl $295,575 $1,137
Russ Mittermeier VP Conserv Intl $292,983 $1,127
CEO, leading charities ChronPhil $282,712 $1,087
Mark Van Putten President NWF $290,003 $1,115
RICHARD AVANZINO Pres Maddies Fund $274,859 $1,057