I have to say Xerox isn’t he only company that tries to kick out employees hurt on the job.
 I worked for a company called, Minerallac in Hampshire Illinois.  Part of CES acquisitions.
My job was, ’Marketing Assistant.’
 When the warehouse packer quit, in February 2004,   my boss told me to do my job and his or get fired. She and HR assured me that a new person would be hired quickly.
  In April of 2004, I was in the warehouse; I had just picked up a 45lb box when the forklift driver dropped a pallet of barrels next to the packing table blocking my way. I had to go around those barrels; I was doing just that when the forklift came speeding back around the corner.
 I tried to avoid him by getting as close to the barrels as possible, I moved my hip to the right. That move caused immediate pain to shoot from my hip, to my feet, up through my right arm. I screamed and dropped the box. I immediately told my boss, who told me to be careful, but finish the work or be fired.
 I had to insist on being allowed to go to the doctor. They didn’t want to send me willingly; it would raise their WC insurance; I was told as I stood in front of them in pain.
Then they gave me the wrong address to the doctor. I drove around and around calling in to HR asking for help finding the doctor, they told me they didn’t know where the doctor was. I finally had to yell to get the telephone number.
 I called the doctors office got the driving directions.
I went to that doctor for three months, every two weeks. Then they, Minerallac refused to pay for my medical treatment when they found out what was wrong with me, which was told to them after my MRI in June 2004.
-They never reported the injury to their Workmen’s comp company. I had to, twice!!!-
I was still doing the same job. Then I got hurt again in November of 2004.
I was off work until January 2005.
 Minerallac in the mean time refused to give me a different job, even though I was qualified. And they had four job openings. They sat me in a corner with a label maker and a stapler. Until they sent me home on Forced FMLA, then fired me certified letter in June 2005. I have been to court, to WC doctor twice. Total screw over!  I am at home, having to file for Disability and ask for help for food.
Other people at that company have been hurt, they either say nothing or quit, or go to there own doctor.
I have seen young girls (10-13years old) working in the very hot warehouse; up to 120 degree heat in the summer. 
I was told they got illegal’s cleared out of the warehouse the year before I started by immigration.
I use a cane to move around, I can’t drive anywhere and expect to work a full day, even a half day any more: due to the intense, chronic pain!
This company is still in business, and has been for a century.
This is my life! The only one I have! My only body!
 Working there destroyed me.
No one cares!!!
They just want their money.
 (posted with permission)