Yes on 64

Comments from wjp

They call the measure "extreme." When I read the measure I found it to be common sense.With diverse species in the the forest it is less likely to be wiped out by disease or insects. Our forests have survived every threat for thousands of years, save one: the greed of man.Clear cutting and chemical use is "extreme."

If they really cared about jobs why would they be wiping out the source of employment for the timber industry: the trees? All one has to do is go for a drive and see how much the timber industry cares about maintaining a renewable resource that would keep their workers employed for the foreseeable future. I see clear cut areas with very few trees alive and erosion of the land into the streams and rivers killing the living organisms that normally live in abundance there.

The picture is even more depressing when one views the cutting areas from the air. It`s almost all gone already. I don`t know if we can save the forests or if it`s too late already. After clearcutting and replanting with single species, whatever is harmful to one tree can wipe out the whole stand of replanted single species trees. Genetic diversity has long been nature's way of not allowing total destruction of any ecosystem.

We have been lied to by business and government so often in the past it`s time we do what we know is right.