Yes on 64

Oregonians will be voting this November on Measure 64 which would ban clearcutting and pesticide use. The timber industry has launched a massive campaign against this. This page is an attempt to provide some balance to the timber industry's side of the story.

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Who's page is this?

It's mine. I don't represent any group. I have no involvement with any group supporting this measure (at least not yet). I'm not an expert in forestry or ecology. I'm just a registered voter in the state of Oregon with common sense and outrage at being bombarded by a well-funded propaganda campaign.

As my time allows, I will be adding to this page specific arguments supporting Measure 64 and pointing out the flaws in the timber industry's statements.

If you, too, have something to say on this issue, especially if you have the facts and figures, references and web-sites, please email me and I'll put what you have to say on this site as well, as my time allows.

I'm not worried about people having too much information, only too little. So, here's a link to the timber industry's side. But please read my response, too.

Also check out the page of the sponsors of Measure 64, OLIFE

Link to full text of Measure 64
Full text in PDF file from the state